Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter!

A couple of days ago this little lot arrived on my doorstep - my prize for coming second in the Sizzix catergory of cardmaking and Papercraft's Cardmaker of the year competition.

Pretty generous prize I thought! Roll on Christmas 'coz I can't wait to try that large snowflake out!

Not much from me lately as I have packed away my stash for a couple of weeks(sob, sob!) as I have so much to do around the house I keep getting distracted! However I did need to make my brother an Anniversary card this week ;

A bit of a quick effort - I do love these pins from Fancy Pants - I bought several packs from the US in all different colours, so expect to see a few more of these! I can't believe he has been married sooooo long! Thinking about it I have been married 19 years - OMG! I must have been about 7 when I got married - I need to have a word with my Mum as I am sure that's illegal!;o)

Enjoy your Easter!

Sarah x


Sue said...

ooo I have those pins got them from CTM - bit closer to home they have crochet flowers to match

I love the prize can't wait to see what you do with the snowflake cos I have it and not used it LOL so I do intend to copy lol

Happy Easter

Penny said...

Nice pins and a great anniversary card for your brother. LOL at you getting married at 7!!

Hazel said...

Love the anniversary card - and that's a great prize - enjoy - look forward to seeing the snowflake cards (you could make one soon so that you get organised for Christmas!)

Pootle said...

Fab card Sarah - that pin is so yummy, I can feel my determination to resist buying some fading lol.

Also congrats on your prize - I look forward to seeing what you make with that lot :)

Jukie said...

oh didnt you do well with your prize! well done!

Em said...

WOW - fabby prize, you lucky thing!!

Loving the card, can't believe it was a "quickie" looks very detailed and gorgeous!

Annette said...

wow, what a fabulous prize, congratulations, would love to see your entry, well done :0)

Sam Morris said...

Lol @ being 7 when you got married!! Fabulous card too, LOVE those pins, can't believe they're Fancy Pants and I didn't know lol!!

And what a stunning prize, you lucky wotsit, you deserve it though...enjoy :D