Sunday, 1 June 2008

I've not been a 'round' for a while.....

Life is just so busy at the moment, I haven't really done much crafting at all. I have made this tag for the Tag You're it challenge this week though;

And so to another challenge, this week it's to make a tag in a circle shape. You can use any colour, style or design just as long as the basic shape of the tag is a circle.

I found this quite tricky, and have to say I am not too happy with the result, too much ribbon I think!! Never mind it used up a few more scraps!
Sarah x


Penny said...

What's not to love Sarah? Brown and pink is always a wonderful combination and this is a gorgeous tag!

Sam Morris said...

Amazing how we're so critical of our own work, personally I can't see a single thing of this that's NOT to like! Love the scallop edge and the gorgeous paper and you can NEVER ever use too much ribbon lol!!

Absolutely beautiful Sarah :)

Anne said...

WHAT????? Sarah you ARE joking, Yes? This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Join the non-crafty club - I've had no 'Me' time at all :o(

But going back to your tag, I don't know where you're looking, but I'm looking at the most gorgeous work of art that I would be soooo proud to have made myself! It's very, very beautiful Sarah - the colours are heaven and it's so pretty and feminine! It's so lovely to see you again, and honestly, your tag is amazing! xx

Sue said...

well I LOVE IT!! will be pleased to have this attached to my pressie lol

have missed seeing you xx

Em said...

Not too happy with it???!!!


It is completely gorgeous, as ever!

Fab to see you back too!

Lisa said...

Well....I think it's gorgeous too Sarah. Scalloped edge looks completely lush : )
lis x