Tuesday, 20 March 2007


OK.. so stash diet is now officially over through no fault of my own. A very nice lady has opened up a lovely little scrapbooking/crafty shop in my area(we only have one little shop that sells basics) and it was obviously my duty to go and support her so that her business is a success and then she can buy even more craft loveliness to put in her shop.(oh not sure if that sentence made sense) !!:OS

So you can see that I had no choice, just had to buy a few bits and did stick to essentials(so they dont really count anyway).

60 envelopes, all white but really good quality and very cheap, 2 rolls of ds tape,7 gypsies rub ons(maybe not that essential but couldnt resist), Acrylic block - really needed this as have been using the back of my credit card!!! gorgeous bags of assorted buttons - 50p each (absolute bargain) and chalk inks- couldnt decide which colour to have so just bought 6!!!!!!!!!!

Actually feel so much better for buy something, dont think stash diets are really very good for your health anyway, so I have also placed an order with crafts u love which I hope will be here in a couple of days.

Now must go and checkout Daring Cardmakers Blog for the little extra challenge.

Sarah x

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