Monday, 9 April 2007

Happy Easter?

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!! Mine was good and not so good. I spent a couple of days visiting my Dad whose health seems to be deteriating quite rapidly after suffering a stroke a few months back. So it was great to see him but tinged with sadness seeing him demoralised by the effects of the stroke.
I returned home to find that someone had sabotaged 4 trees in my front garden. I am very lucky to have a very large front garden that runs the length of my driveway. Included in the garden are several trees, 4 of which are probably well over 100 years old and very beautiful. All four of them have tree preservation orders on them which means they cannot even be pruned without first applying for permission from the local council. Within the last few days somebody has drilled holes around each trunk and inserted copper piping into them which in turn was filled with some type of poison. The holes had then been plugged back up with soil to try to camoflage the piping.
We are pretty sure who has done it, and are leaving it in the hands of the local police and council. Apparently you can be fined up to £20,000 for trying to destroy a tree with a protection order on it. I feel pretty upset that anyone would think they had the right to come into my garden and purposely try to destroy parts of it! I can only hope that we have discovered this in time to save the trees.

I have to say that really ruined my weekend.
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend. :o)
Sarah x

Ooh, forgot to mention I have a card to share for CPS 9 but the light is too bad to photograph it now, will post it tommorow.


Joanne said...

Sorry to hear about your bad weekend. Ours didnt start off the greatest either, my boyf's car was pinched from outside his house Thursday lunchtime and turned up dumped in a ditch 3 hours later not half a mile from the house!
Kinda puts a dampener on it doesn't it.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so shocked that someone would do this.. they must be so sad and bitter...
I hope the tree's survive Sarah.

Kathy said...

Oh my..... how could someone do that?
I hope you get it sorted, that the tress are saved, and that the culprit get's their just reward.